Equal Treatment of Heretical Adversaries and Co-Madhabists

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76. As for his statement, “you have accused your adversaries of heretical innovation with regard to these principles, but made it allowable for your companions to have different views with regard to them,” it is falsehood and calumny. We do not permit anyone to oppose the Sunna, no matter who he may be; and if he be one of our companions, we are more severe in our reproval of him than would be the case with another. The proof of this is that you are ascribed to our companions, and our Imam. Now when the present doctrines proceeded from you, we accused you of heretical innovation. Our companions abandoned you, and made lawful the shedding of your blood. Were it not for your retractation and reversion, we would certainly have been more severe with you, and held you further away from us. We do not accuse anyone of heretical innovation except him whom the Sunna has so accused; nor do we say anything on our own authority. But the Prophet has said: “Every innovation is a heretical innovation, and every heretical innovation is an error.”[57] Therefore, he who introduces innovations into the religion contrary to that which has come to us on the authority of the Prophet, differs from his Companions, deserts the religious doctrines of the Imams and jurisprudents, reverts to the doctrine of the speculative theologians, and urges opposition to the Sunna, is indeed guilty of having perpetrated heretical innovations. God is his reckoner and punisher; if He so wills, He will turn towards him in forgiveness; then again, if He so wills, He will cause him to go astray. And the saying of God, “I will assuredly fill Hell with jinn and men together,”[11:119] becomes necessitated, as suitable to the requirements of justice, to take effect upon him. God does what he wills.


[57] Sahih. Refer to fn. 25

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