Did Imam Ahmed Make Ta’wil?

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The narration about Imam Ahmad supposedly making Ta’wil of ‘Your Lord will Come…’ is narrated by Hanbal alone, the uncle of the Imam. The Hanbalis are very cautious when it comes to narrations transmitted by Hanbal alone on the issues of Fiqh, so how about the issues of Aqida? Many Hanbali Imams claimed that Hanbal erred while reporting this, for Salih b. Ahmad b. Hanbal was also a witness to this discussion and trial, but never reported anything of the like in his account. Furthermore, Hanbal also narrates several times from Imam Ahmad literally affirming Allah’s descent.

Other Hanbalis affirm this narration and say that he said this to them as a response to their argument, and not that it was his belief.

Because the Mu’tazilas used the texts about the Quran coming to its reciter on the Day of Judgement, claiming that the Quran is created.

Hence, Imam Ahmad replied to them saying: Just as you say that its not the Lord, who will come, it will be His reward, you can likewise say: it is not the Quran that will come, it will be the reward of reciting it,” and this seems to be the opinion of Ibn Badran al-DImashqi in his Madkhal.

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