One Part of Allah’s Mercy on Earth?

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How do we understand the issue of saying Allah’s mercy is infinite when the authentic hadeeth related by Abu Hurayrah in al-Bukhari and Muslim describes dividing mercy into one hundred parts. Would ‘mercy’ in this hadeeth be an attribute of His, the Most High? Is there anything in the authentic Sunnah describing Allah, the Most High, with those Arabic terms mentioned as its English equivalent is frequently used?

There are two versions of this hadeth:

1) Allah made His Mercy in 100 parts, and;
2) Allah created His Mercy in 100 parts.

The Mercy being referred to here is not Allah’s Attribute, rather it is referring to the object).

Such as Allah’s statement about Jesus that He is His Word (Kalima), i.e. the object of His Word: Be!

Such is also the case when Allah refers to the Paradise and says: You are My Mercy, i.e. the object of mercy, not that Paradise is Mercy itself.

Take for example, the rain being referred to as Allah’s Mercy, i.e. the object of Allah’s Mercy.

Similar is the case with this Hadeeth; that Allah has divided His mercy (the object of His Mercy) from His creation, into 100 parts. A part of this mercy has been bestowed upon this world, and the rest of the 99 parts have been reserved for the Day of Judgement.

As far as infinity of Allah’s Mercy is concerned, then it depends what one exactly means. If he means that Allah has been eternally, and forever will be Merciful, and will never run out of Mercy, then that is no doubt true.

If one claims that Allah’s Mercy is unlimited, and therefore, there is no such thing as Allah’s punishment based on His perfect justice, then such meaning is surely rejected.

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