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Sharh Jawharat Tawheed of Bayjuri is a classical Ash’ari textbook for aqeedah. In it he says that “it is only permitted to teach that the Qur’an is created in a classroom setting.” Here is a scan from this book (this is from a printing edited by Dr. ‘Ali Jum’ah).

ash'aris quran is created

It should be noted that even the Ash’aris themselves translate this accordingly, here is one example. This is the passage referenced above as translated by Abdullah bin Hamid Ali,

And it (i.e. the expression) is applied to both meanings (i.e. the Book and to the eternal quality of Allah). It has also been stated that the phrase is a homonym ishtirak; just as it has been said that it literally applies to the unuttered (uncreated) speech, while it is metaphorically applied to the uttered (created) speech. (At any rate) All who deny that all that is between the two covers of the book (mushaf) is the word of Allah (kalam Allah) are guilty of unbelief unless one means that it is not the quality present with His divine essence – High is He. And in spite of the fact that the words (lafz) we recite happen to be emergent, it is still only permitted to say “The Qur’n is emergent (or created)” in a classroom setting, because it sometimes applies to the quality present with His divine essence even though only metaphorically according to the strongest view. And it might be imagined from stating in a general fashion that “The Qur’n is emergent (or created)” that (one is saying that) the quality present with His divine essence – High is He – is emergent (or created).”

This can be found here on pg. 1.

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