Kalami Reason Ash’aris Make Ta’wil and Tafwid

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There is a Kalami reason why the Ash’aris either make ta’weel of Attributes such as Hand, Face, etc, or make Tafweedh, while in both cases they negate the dhahir – the literal meaning – which the Salaf affirmed as confirmed by al-Khattabi, al-Khateeb and even al-Qushayri the hardcore Ash’arite.

Now, why did they deny that Allah has Hands and Face?

They said that Hands and Face etc are parts, and Allah is not composed of parts.

Why isn’t Allah composed of parts? Because only bodies are composed of parts.

So what if Allah is a body composed of parts? i) A body composed of parts is in need of all other parts without which it remains deficient, and Allah is not in need of parts. ii) All bodies are made up of substances and Allah is not a substance.

Why isn’t Allah a substance? Because substance have subsisting in them accidents.

So what if accidents subsist in substances? Accidents are not eternal, rather they are emergent/created. If substances contain accidents that substances too are created. If a body is composed of substances then the body too is created.

And therefore, Allah is not a body.

Since he is not a body, He cannot literally have Hands, Face, etc etc.

Do you find this Kalami gibberish easy to fathom?

If not, then who is exactly making Islam difficult?

Those like al-Baqillani al-Ash’ari who say that one must remember all of the Kalami gibberish I have stated above, each time he makes niyya of Ihram?!

Or the Prophet and His companions who heard that Allah rose over the throne and believed that Allah literally DID rise over the throne? And even went further to explain in their own words as Abul-‘Aliya did: ‘ala – He elevated.

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