Ash’aris focus on Existence of God Rather than Worship

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Ibn Abbas(ra) said,

Ponder over the creation, not the Creator

This proves that the Salaf did not object to rational approach in proving Allah’s existence, as many Ash’aris and other rationalists would claim. They had a different methodology in proving Allah’s existence, which was very simple and straightforward, far from Neo-Aristotelian arguments.

Ponder upon the creation and you would know the Creator; was their argument.

To categorise reality into substance and accidents etc, was Aristotle’s argument and not of the Salaf’s.

More importantly, the purpose and the main focus of the Prophet’s message was not to know Allah exists. Rather, it was to worship Allah alone in all affairs. This, as far as the Muslims and the early generations are concerned, was the primary objective.

To the philosophers, the primary objective and focus has always been to know Allah exists, and the Ash’arites simply inherited that from the philosophers. This is why we find that their books of Tawheed is simply about what is necessary, possible and impossible for Allah. They hardly touch upon worshipping Him alone, ruling by His laws alone, seeking His help alone. Of course, it was due to their negligence of this important aspect of Tawheed that many of them allowed Shirk to spread through out the Muslim world, such as calling upon other than Allah.

Let us also not forget that al-Razi, the most intelligent mutakallim the Ash’aris ever had, wrote works in astrology and other subjects, which according to al-Dhahabi was outright witchcraft, and if it was not for his will in which he repented, he would have died an apostate!

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