Ash’ari Confessions that the Qur’an is Created

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Al-Taftazani says in his Sharh of al-Nasafi’s creed:

“He said: ‘al-Quran is Allah’s Speech and not created’. Note that he followed the word ‘Quran’ with ‘Kalam Allah’, due to what the scholars say: The Quran is Kalam Allah, and not created. It is not said: ‘al-Quran is not created’, lest it comes to mind that that which is composed of sounds and letters is eternal, as the Hanbalis believe out of ignorance and obstinacy!

He further says in refutation of the Mu’tazila:
“As for their argument that the Quran is described with the qualities of the creation and the characteristics of Huduth (contingent) from composition, arrangement, descent, and that fact that it is in Arabic, audible, eloquent and a miracle, until the end of their argument. This is only an argument against the Hanbalis, and not against us. Because we believe that the arrangement (in the Quran) is emergent/created. The discussion is restricted to the eternal meaning

al-Juwayni the Ash’ari, in his al-Irshad, admits that the Ash’aris and the Mu’tazila agree that the Quran is created:

Our difference with the Mu’tazila is only semantical (ikhtilaf fil-‘ibara wal-tasmiya), whereas they are in agreement with the Ash’aris in meaning and essence. For the meaning of what the Mu’tazilas say is: These expressions (in the Quran) are Allah’s creation, and we do not deny that they are Allah’s creation. We do, however, refuse to refer to the creator of this Kalaam (i.e. the Quran), as the one to speak it. So we have agreed in essence, while disagreed, after our agreement, on naming Him (as mutakallim with this Quran)

And let me add to the list what I had already mentioned before:

al-Bayjuri the Ash’ari theologian says in his Sharh Jawharat al-Tawheed:
it is still only permitted to say “The Qur’an is emergent (or created)” in a classroom setting

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