Ash’ari Scholars Argue Against Tafwid

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Ironically, some of the Ash’ari scholars themselves realized the fallacy and absurdity of tafweedh.

Al-Qushayri, the staunch Ash’ari and an advocate of ta’wil refutes the absurdity of Tafweedh (See Ithaf Sadat al-Muttaqin 2/110):
“How is it possible for one to say that there exists in Allah’s Book, that which cannot be known by the creation, and none knows its meaning (ta’wil) except Allah? Is this not from the greatest of slanders against prophethood, to suggest that the Prophet – SallAllahu ‘alaihi wa-sallam did not know the meaning (ta’wil) of the texts pertaining to the Attributes of Allah Ta’ala, and called the people to know what cannot be known? Doesn’t Allah say ‘(we’ve sent it down) in clear Arabic language’? Otherwise, according to what they claim, they should say Allah lied when He said: ‘in clear Arabic language’, since they do not know (the meanings). Otherwise, where is this ‘clearness’ (as expressed in the Quran)?

If it was in the language of the Arabs, how can he claim that this is something the Arabs do not know?”

He also says: “To attribute to the Prophet – SallAllahu ‘alaihi wa-sallam – that he called to a Lord, described with Attributes that are incomprehensible, is something heinous, which no Muslim can imagine! For ignorance with respect to Attributes leads to ignorance with respect to that which is described (i.e. Allah). And the saying of one who says: ‘His rising is an Attribute of His self, the meaning of which is incomprehensible; the Hand is an Attribute of His self, the meaning of which is incomprehensible; the Foot is an Attribute of His self, the meaning of which is incomprehensible is simply camouflaging modality (takyif), anthropomorphism (tashbih) and a call to ignorance… If the opponent now says: ‘The literal meanings (dhawahir) have no interpretation (ma’na) at all’, then that is to render these texts defunct, and there was no benefit in these texts reaching us, for they are all useless, which is impossible… This is also contrary to the Madhab of the Salaf who believed in passing them on upon their literal meanings (dhawahir)”.

Yet, in spite of acknowledging the Madhab of the Salaf, he still argues for ta’wil. May Allah guide us all.


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One Response to “Ash’ari Scholars Argue Against Tafwid”

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as salaamu ‘alaikum,

Please check the link which further discusses the incoherency in the Ashari creed and exposes tafwid and tawil issue.

Abu Turab Ali Rida

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